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Ten Things You Should Know About Constance of York


There is so little detail on the life of Constance of York.  What there is encouraged me to write a novel about her.  I cannot resist a medieval woman with conflciting loyalties and more than a hint of scandal.  So here is what we do know.


1. It’s all in the royal family! Constance  was the granddaughter of King Edward III, daughter of Edmund of Langley, Duke of York, and Isabella, Princess of Castile.  Thus she was cousin to both Richard II and Henry IV.  Nothing like a family dispute to engage a reader’s interest!


2. All is drenched in rumour and scandal. Constance had two brothers, Edward of York, a man of dubious loyalties, and Richard of Cambridge whose legitimate birth was suspect and was later executed for treason.  Rumour said that his father was John Holland, Duke of Exeter, with whom Isabella, Castilian Duchess of York, had an affair.   A scandalous family, all in all.


3. Who can you trust? Constance was wife of Thomas, Lord Despenser, Earl of Gloucester. Both were strong supporters of King Richard II until the political climate changed and it would be better for their health to support King Henry IV. Some smart side-swapping became essential after Despenser (and Constance) spent a few weeks locked up in the Tower of London.


4. The wife also pays the price of insurrection!  Constance was widowed in 1400 when Lord Despenser became involved in the Revolt of the Earls against King Henry IV and was done to death by the mob in Bristol.  Constance paid for this overt treason.  She was dispossessed of her title, the Despenser lands and wealth, and her dower.


5. More scandal! Constance engaged in a love affair with Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent, courtier and soldier, a man much younger than she was. They had an illegitimate daughter Alianore.


6. Treachery! Constance took a very personal role in the conspiracy in 1405 to release young Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March, from Windsor Castle, where he were kept in custody by the King, and deliver him into the hands of Owain Glyn Dwr and the Mortimers in their insurrection to make him the next king of England.  Constance arranged for their flight.


7. Oh, to be a medieval fly on the wall. Constance was called to answer for her sins before the King’s Council when she was arrested in full flight near Cheltenham with the Mortimer heir. Constance blamed her brother York and challenged him to a duel.  Would anyone fight for her?


8. Guilty! Constance was guilty, caught in the act. Would her cousin the King demand her head as a traitor?  Treachery becomes personal when it is cousin v. cousin.  Henry imprisoned her in Kenilworth Castle.  Henry’s patience had run thin.  He imprisoned York as well in Pevensey Castle.


9. Abandoned and rejected! The lure of a large dowry! The Earl of Kent, Constance’s lover, married the Madonna Lucia Visconti, whatever he might have promised to Constance.  Constance attended the marriage at the church door of St Mary Overie in Southwark and did not challenge the marriage.


10. What happens next? A quiet end to an adventurous life. Constance was sent off to her estates in the Welsh Marches to keep an eye on the invading Welsh.  She retired from public life and scandal, and died in Reading or at least was  buried there before the altar.  Constance never married again.


Did Constance ever regret the decisions she made?  Perhaps she did.


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    1. I do like your cover design. It looks most royal and intriguing. I don’t know anything about Constance of York. It’s always a joy to discover a new heroine when reading your books.
      The 22 August is also my birthday.

  1. I would love a signed copy of A Tapestry of Treason. I found Constance intriguing when reading about her albeit briefly and the 10 facts have been an interesting read.

    1. This new book looks so intriguing! Historical fiction is my favourite genre. If I am lucky enough to win a copy, once I have read it, I will donate it to my local public library as I do with books these days. Then I can borrow it and read it again!

    2. The drama and scandal! Can’t wait to read this book. In anticipation of reading Anne’s new book, I have just re-read (for the 5th time now) ‘the scandalous duchess’ (how I love John of Gaunt❤️💖) and am mid-way through reading ‘the shadow queen’ (Thomas Holland – not so keen on him!) for the second time. Would love to receive a book signed by my favourite author! Thank you!

    3. Our modern day soaps are so boring when you read of the utter treachery scandal and unbelievable plots I’ve read about in your books. I would love to read about one such medieval example in this new novel.

    4. Went to Waterstones at Morpeth today, and they didn’t have the book in stock. It’s now on order, I wasn’t very impressed.

    1. I love learning about royal history especially from the often overlooked women that lived through the tumultuous times. I’ve loved all of your books so far and can’t wait to read this one as I really don’t know much about Constance.

    2. After a wonderful summer with my boys this would be a fantastic addition to our ever growing collection of historical novels and a signed copy would be most treasured.

      1. Love reading Anne O’Brien books about history especially daring and inspiring women as in the previous books and looking forward to reading this book for awhile.
        I am intrigued about Constance and her family.
        Just want to read the book.
        Awesome book!

  2. Wow what a scandalous woman, I would absolutely love to learn more about this courageous woman. She seems intriguing to me!! I absolutely love all of your books, and id love to own a signed copy!

    1. So looking forward to reading this book. Your books always make me feel like I want to read them instantly but I don’t want them to finish so I end up looking at the book and craving it…. weird.
      Thank you Ann

      1. I have been looking foreward to reading your new book all about another enspiring and interesting female character in my favourite genre. I would love to own a signed copy as well

  3. Omg I can’t wait for this book reading the 10 things we should no makes it even harder to wait lol A signed copy would be the icing on the cake 📖

  4. I would love to win a signed copy of A Tapestry of Treason! I enjoyed meeting you last year at Glasgow’s Aye Write book festival and I am a huge fan of your books! Beautifully written, deeply researched and incredibly enjoyable!

  5. Looking forward to delving into more medieval history and discovering the life of Constance of York. So many interesting women in this period, of whom we know so little about.

  6. I truly love how you manage to find and bring to life medieval women who are not well known and only really a name on a family tree (when the women appear at all), your books are always a joy to read and this one shall be no different I am sure, if only I had any money left I could have preordered it but I’m waiting for my student loan again oops

  7. Well what a colourful character , can’t wait to read this book I am addicted to finding out more about all characters from history , am looking forward to reading this .

  8. I’ve truly enjoyed the previous 10 books from the Devil’s Consort to the last one, Queen of the North, and I’m looking forward to Tapestry of Treason. A signed copy would be wonderful.

  9. Who needs reality tv when our history is full of such interesting characters, drama, and intrigue!
    Always impatiently awaiting your latest books. Thanks for bringing our past to life!

  10. I love that you write about people who have key roles in history but have largely been ignored! Have read all your books and really looking forward to resting this one. A signed copy would be a wonderful addition to my collection!

  11. Really looking forward to getting ‘stuck in’ to this new book and reading more about medieval England and the strong women of that time.

  12. Constance sounds like an intreguing woman, I think women in these times had a difficult time. I would love a signed copy of thus book

  13. I am a big fan of Anne from Belgium.
    I am excited to learn that A Tapestry of Treason has been published. I cannot wait to start reading it.
    Thanks a lot, Anne, for the lovely books you write.

    Pierre from Belgium

  14. Dear Anne.

    It always excites me very much to hear of your latest book. I love reading about the medieval period, of lives.sacrifices and triumphs. You bring it all to life with burning passion. I cant thank you enough.

  15. Love all your books. This sounds just as intriguing, oh to have been a fly on the wall in those historic times. Can’t wait to read A Tapestry of Treason and would dearly love to own a signed copy.

  16. My mum and I can’t wait to read your latest novel – beautiful writing that really brings history to life

  17. Sounds great! Can’t wait to read it. Historical fiction is my favourite genre and Anne O’Brien is one of my favourite authors. I’d love a signed copy.

  18. Can’t wait to read about this fascinating woman and her life & times! Anne always makes her characters so real

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  20. Can’t wait to read your book! Constance lived a turbulent life, but learned at the end how to live quietly

  21. Constance was an intriguing woman – would love to learn more about her. Am a great fan of all of your books. Most of them I have read several times.
    Would love to have a signed copy.

  22. Cannot wait to read more of Constance. I have just read Queen of the North and was intrigued by her character. Also I love the wild Welsh Marches and their turbulent history!

  23. I have read all of Anne O’Brien’s books and been looking forward to reading this one since I pre ordered it. I love the way Anne brings these women to life, women that have only ever been a footnote. I can’t wait to read Tapestry if Treason which was downloaded today. I have to read ebooks because my eyesight is not good and I have arthritis in my hands so holding a book is so uncomfortable. But I just would love an autographed copy of a proper book. I love the feel and the smell of a hardback. Good Luck with Tapestry of Treason Anne.

  24. Constance sounds an interesting woman and I would love to read her story. When I read Anne O’Brien’s books I feel part of the story as if I am observing life in those days first hand as it were.

  25. Hi Anne
    Looking forward to reading the new book
    Already on pre order for my kindle and the paperback for Rachel
    Love to go into the draw for the signed hardback
    My Granddaughters are becoming interested too

    Lots of love to you and your family
    From all of us

  26. Would love a copy of your book. Only recently been introduced to your books. Loving them. Hoping to meet you in Sept 😊

  27. Another mediaeval lady to excite and intrigue us! I can’t wait to read about Constance, about whom I know little.

  28. Can’t wait to read this book..the passion for history jumps off the pages and into my always excited to start reading and sad when it ends because I never want it to end

  29. Anne, you are the best! You have the gift of LIVING in your hero’s skin ..thoughts, smells, colours .. you take us back to the actual time and place of your writing! Thank you for doing this!

  30. I’ve read all of your books now, some of them twice (currently re-reading the Virgin Widow) and can’t wait to read Tapestry of Treason – Constance sounds fascinating.

  31. What a fascinating woman! I know next to nothing about Constance, so am really looking forward to watching her life unfold through your words, Anne!

  32. What a life she had!! Oh to be a time traveller. And although I have a kindle (what a terrible admission for a librarian) I still prefer the smell and feel of a new book. Or is smelling New pages another quirk of my job?
    Love your writing.

  33. I’ve read along with you on Pigeonhole, now I’d love to read in hard copy. To smell the paper, feel the pages come alive. I’d love to engage with Constance at her best and worst in a signed copy of this rich Tapestry of Treason. I love learning the history of our island.

  34. Ooh Anne, i’ve been waiting eagerly for the publication of this book to be able to get my hands on it!! I’m sure it is another great story that transports one into the past.
    I would sooo love to have a signed book of yours.
    Thank you x

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    Reading is a great escape when life gets tough and Anne’s books have the added bonus of time travel!

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  39. Never heard of Constance of York ,as I love anything to do with the Plantagenets would love to learn more about her as she was a niece of John Duke of Lancaster and I loved your book about his mistress later his wife Katherine Swynford.

  40. I would love to win a signed copy. Constance sounds an amazing character and I look forward to reading her story. Love your books Anne 😊

  41. Constance sounds fascinating and I’m looking forward to seeing things from her perspective after Queen in the North! Beautiful cover too.

  42. Really looking forward to reading about Constance of York. Thank you Anne for all your hard work and research in bringing Constance to life!

  43. Drama, Treachery, Treason. A deckchair , a sunny garden, a glass of Prosecco and the latest Anne O’Brien book. Bliss!

    1. Hi Anne
      Constance is new to me so I am really looking forward to reading all about her.
      No doubt I will,as always, enjoy her story.

  44. I’ve actually ordered this book already as I know nothing about Constance and am intrigued by her. I would just love a signed copy for my collection.
    Thank you.

  45. Anne you’ve done it again! Just reading the 10 points makes me so excited to get into this book! As with your other ones, this book seems to have it all! Thank you for sharing your talent and passion!

  46. I’m so excited for this book! I have read all of your books even when I have had to order from UK. Even had my girlfriend buy one of your books when she was in London. A signed copy would be amazing!

  47. I only ‘found’ you last year but now have quite a collection of your books, so can’t wait to read this one. Best wishes.

  48. I have enjoyed all your books so far and would love to read this one about someone whose story is less well known. A signed copy would be something to treasure. Thank you.

  49. This book sounds fantastic! About a member of the Royal family that I’ve never heard of but would love to get to know more about!

  50. Love your books and the story of Constance is going to be another good read. Your books take me back to the past and a chance to escape my daily life.

    Can not wait,

  51. I very much enjoyed Queen Of The North all about another cousin of Henry IV. They were all so related weren’t they? Now another cousin. I love hearing about individuals that are not so well known. I feel I learn more. I can’t wait to read it.

  52. I’m looking forward to reading this , it’s so good when you choose one of the lesser known royals , and breathe life into them , so that we can picture them , and put them in the tapestry of the royal family.

  53. Anne thank you for giving us the chance to win an autographed copy of your new book… so very excited for all of us…I love learning and love history and your books combine that in the most intriguing manner that makes them hard to put down… Looking forward to reading your new book..

    1. To read of times when my ancestors lived in towns in your novel is to feel a personal connection to them and the historical characters whose lives we enter through your pages. Love, intrigue, scandal: what better to set the scene to draw the reader in.

  54. I’ve only read one of your books so far (they are hard to come by in the US) but love medieval history and the people in it. Thank you for your work!

  55. Wow, this sounds like the perfect read. Intrigue, family scandals, a strong female character, treachery, treason. Everything that makes a great historical read! I know nothing about Constance and look forward to reading about her. To have a signed copy of your book would be the icing on the cake of reading delight!!

  56. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and history is general. Have read everything history-related for many years and am very much looking forward to this new release. Your books are informative, factual and a pleasure to read.

  57. This would be the jewel in the crown 👑!
    A perfect end to my summer hols. I love the title, it just reminds me that autumn is just around the corner and it will be time to snuggle up with your next masterpiece.

  58. I can’t wait to read your new book . I have enjoyed all your others and have lent them to friends to read . If I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy it would be put in pride of place with your other wonderful stories .

  59. Congratulations on today’s book launch, Anne! I’ve been a long-time fan of your books and can’t wait to read “A Tapestry of Treason”. I’d absolutely treasure a signed copy!

  60. I waited eagerly for your ’10 things about Constance’ and now cannot wait to read her story which I am sure will be wonderful. Such a facinating woman mush passed by in history.

  61. I appreciate your books not only because I enjoy them but because you write about the more obscure characters. I like the fact that your books are set in the medieval period. I think this period gets overlooked because so much has been focused on the Tudor period. I taught history for several years but still learn a lot from your books. I cannot wait to read your new one.

  62. Anne …

    I love your books – they make history even more interesting!

    Constance sounds like my kind of woman .. strong & resilient even in the face of adversity.

    I know I’ll enjoy reading Tapestry of Treason regardless of whether I win this competition or not so best of luck to all including myself!

  63. Anne, I can’t wait to read this one! Have just spent a few summer days re-reading The Scandalous Duchess with as much joy as I read it the first time. I love the way you portray these medieval ladies. My, they had complicated lives and I can only hope they were happy!

  64. Can’t wait to read Tapestry of Treason. What an intriguing and strong woman Constance seems. Wonderful to read of women who are otherwise hidden from history.

  65. Constance sounds like a fascinating character, it occurs to me a little Scarlet O’Hara like in determination and spirit!?
    I’d love to know her better, even if minus Rhett Butler.😁

  66. I have so enjoyed reading about these medieval royal woman and have shared your books with my library patrons who love historical fiction. Please send a book to me.

  67. Congratulations on your new book!
    Constance sounds like a fascinating lady. What an eventful life.
    Thank you for the chance.

  68. Can’t wait to read this one, I find the whole Middle Ages period totally enthralling, not least because some of my distant ancestors figure in your books. Brilliant!

  69. Love your Books,
    I have read them multiple times. And travel with them.
    No matter how many times I read them, each time you learn something new about the characters.
    i love your writing style it draws me and before I know its 3am and I have to be at work in a few hours 
    Constance sounds like a fascinating lady, strong willed and determined just like the other Ladies you write about. Can’t wait to learn more about her, and be sucked into the story like your others, that I won’t care that its 3am and I don’t want to stop reading.
    I have always had a fascination with the Tudors and you expanded that for me. THANK YOU.
    One of my other obsessions/fascinations has been the Arthurian era. The women behind the legends. For there to be a legend there has to be truth.
    Would you ever write about them????
    As intriguing as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are. It’s the women behind it all that hold the true story; Genevieve, and Viviane, Freya, Morgan, Igraine just to name a few…

  70. I know little about this part of English history but found the facts you listed on Constance of York fascinating. Will look forward to reading!

  71. I really enjoy reading your books and am looking forward to A Tapestry of Treason
    Great title, intriguing
    Good luck with the book Anne

  72. Can’t wait to read this one – Constance sounds so very interesting. Hoping I might be lucky enough to earn a copy with your signature in it 🤩

  73. Congratulations on your new book. I own and have read almost all of your novels and am sure that this new one is just as delightful as your previous ones.

  74. Congratulations on the release of this book, Anne! I read it on The Pigeonhole, and I would LOVE to win a physical copy to put on my ‘Keepers’ bookshelf (and to lend to my mum – she loves your books!)

  75. I love all your books, so I am so looking forward to reading all about Constance of York, many thanks for writing ‘ A Tapestry of Treason’. Best wishes.

  76. It has been a joy following your passion writing about people in a historical era that has long fascinated me.

  77. Have read all your books, except the new one, and love them all. So looking forward to reading Tapestry of Treason. Really enjoy reading about the medieval period. Congratulations on bringing long forgotten women of history to life.

  78. I’ ve been so looking forward to this book coming out and intend to buy it in the next week or two, I’ve read about Constance of York a few times now, both from your book The Queen of the North and another author recently too, Constance fascinates me, one of the many historic ladies that time has generally forgot, but fortunately you hadn’t!

  79. Me and my mum adore your books.
    We get so excited when they come out, and then we make a book club between us where we discuss and research further.
    You help bring history to life!

  80. So excited about your latest novel and would love to add a signed copy to our library. Best of luck to all entrants.

  81. I look out at the outline if Pevensey Castle at night from my window and think about all those fascinating characters that may have looked back in another time. Your books truly bring them to life. Here’s to your new book Tapestry of Treason.

  82. This is absolute joy and delight to read your books! Thank you very much for the wonderful and captivating reading!
    All these historic figures just become alive in my mind and imagination ! ❤️❤️❤️

  83. Just can’t wait to read another of Anne’s wonderful books about the medieval women we now know & love! Anne’s version of historic events truly brings them to life for me, & whilst I know it is fiction, the fact that her stories are based on real events & actual people who really lived half a century ago makes her books all the more fascinating!
    LoveLoveLove your books Anne! 💖💖💖

  84. I am greatly looking forward to reading and learning more about Constance. She had intrigued me in the ‘Queen of the North’ – she seemed to break all the rules!

  85. What an amazing story that is the life of Constance of York, and one that is not widely known. This is a book that I have to read, and a character whom I’d like to find out more about. Anne’s books are always good reads and in giving us this tale of Constance she introduces us to a historical character most of us had never heard. So many thanks for this book.

  86. Dear Anne, congratulations on your new book, “Tapestry of Treason”. I look forward to reading your book about my 19th GGM.I would be honored to receive a signed copy of “Tapestry of Treason”.

  87. Congratulations. Can’t believe I have only recently discovered your books. So far have only read The King’s Concubine, but can’t wait to read the others, especially A Tapestry of Treason.

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