Celebration time.

This Giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who visited the page and took part.  and particularly many thanks for all the kind words and best wishes.

I’ll be contacting the winners soon.


Queen of the North is now two months old and so I decided it deserved a giveaway.  Two signed hard backed copies are on offer.


I know that many of my readers have read all my medieval historical novels.  Some have picked up those written about the reigns or particular characters that interest them.


Here they all are, in chronological order.  There is no real reason to read them chronologically, since they are all stand-alone:

Devil’s Consort: Eleanor of Aquitaine: the early years

The Uncrowned Queen: short story and ebook only: Philippa of Hainault and Edward III

The next four all take place during the same time scale, in the reigns of Edward III and Richard II with some historical characters appearing in more than one novel:

The King’s Concubine: Alice Perrers and Edward III

The Scandalous Duchess: Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt

The Shadow Queen: Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent

The King’s Sister: Elizabeth of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt and Blanche of Lancaster

And then the Chronology continues:

The Queen’s Choice: Joanna of Navarre and Henry IV

Queen of the North: Elizabeth Mortimer and Sir Henry Percy (Hotspur)

The Forbidden Queen: Katherine de Valois and her marriages to Henry V and Owen Tudor.

Virgin Widow: Anne Neville, wife of Richard of Gloucester


And so back to my giveaway!

For a chance to win a signed copy of Queen of the North, leave a comment below.

I will contact the two winners which will be chosen by random selection.

This giveaway will run for a week until Tuesday 31st July.

Good fortune and happy summer reading!

180 responses to “Queen of the North Celebratory Giveaway

  1. Thank you for the giveaway! I have nearly finished reading all of your books, I just have a couple to finish on my holiday. I’ve enjoyed every one so far!

    1. Thank you for for such a great read, I really enjoy well researched historical fiction. I will recommend “Queen of the North” to my book club and family. I’m intending to read my way through your other books.

  2. That chronological list is excellent. Just what I needed. That said, each of Anne’s books is standalone and a really great read.

  3. I have enjoyed all your other books and would love to read this one. It is nice that you cover other periods of history rather than just one. Through reading your books I am discovering new historical characters that I had never heard of before.

  4. This has got to be in my suitcase for my holiday! Who needs a new bikini when you’ve got a brand spanking new Anne O’Brien book! ?

  5. You’ve done it again. Hope you have another book coming up as I always need one to look forward to. I already have Queen of the North but oh sooo wanting a signed copy from you.
    Thank you for all your wonderful books…. keep them coming … always

  6. To read your books is to step back in time and live in that era. I’ve loved them all and felt I knew the characters personally. Can’t give any higher praise than that.

  7. I read quite a few historical novels before discovering Anne’s books and it was so refreshing to read about periods before the Tudors, names I’d not really heard of and people I knew nothing about. I love the ‘realness’ of her writing, it really takes me back to those times.

  8. I have read all of Anne O’Brien’s books and re read them. She takes the reader back to that particular timeline so that they can walk alongside the characters in the books. To own a signed copy – wonderful!!

  9. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! The book looks incredible! I absolutely love historical fiction dealing with the Medieval and Renaissance Eras, and can’t wait to learn and read more!

  10. I am an avid reader of Anne’s books, each and every one makes for superb reading. I await reading this book so much! Anne’s characters are brought to life and I lose myself in every page and chapter. The very thought that I could have my own signed copy of Queen of the North is thrilling!

  11. I have really enjoyed all of your books, they take you to another place and time.
    If I had to choose a favourite it would have to be
    ‘The scandalous duchess’

  12. Hello Anne. I am so looking forward to reading your new book. I can’t seem to get enough of your novels. What a brilliant writer you are. I find your books exciting and they hold one enthralled for hours. Being a Royalist at heart I have found none better at keeping me reading and letting the housework go out the window. Thank Anne.

  13. As a busy mum of 2 boys I am always looking to escape to a different time and your books give me the chance to be transported to such a different era. I so enjoy your writing and feel I am there with your characters and experiencing their lives with them. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer of historical novels.

  14. What a fabulous giveaway. I would love to win a copy of this book. I so enjoyed our visit to Alnwick Castle lasy year on out 40th Wedding Anniversary. It was a special day, it deserved a special place to visit.

  15. I really love your books and the period. When reading them I feel I am there and part of it all. It is like travelling back in time.

  16. Thank you for your generous giveaway! I have only read your book about Alice Parrers and I absolutely loved it. Your books along with wonderful authors such as Tony Riches, Sharon Kay Penman, Bernard Cornwell, and Margaret George really bring history alive. Cant wait to read even more of your wonderful works.

  17. As an Australian I have a fascination for the depth of history possessed by the British Isles, and love both historical biography and historical fiction. I ‘discovered’ Anne O’Brien’s books at a local book exchange a few years ago and fell in love with the writing style, the way the past comes to life so vividly, and the beauty of becoming part of a world long gone.

  18. Thanks for the chronological order, really appreciated:)
    I enjoyed reading many of your books so now I can put them into the correct reading order and check what am I missing so far.

  19. Hi Anne, I’m currently working my way through your books and am enjoying getting lost in them! Thanks for such a great giveaway X

  20. As a huge fan if this time period, I cannot wait to read this. Such a huge period of time in our history and it leaves sa real tremendous scope for imagination on what could have been!!

  21. Have only recently discovered you and am looking forward to many pleasurable hours reading your books .

  22. Reclining on my sunbed in a shady part of the garden. Birds singing, brook babbling, a glass of something cool in my hand and an Anne Obrien book in the other. Bliss!

  23. how exciting history would have been at school, if it had been taught the way you write!! I love your talent that draws me into the lives, loves and losses of these amazing people, and the glimpse into some of the most turbulent times in our history – and I LOVE Hotspur and Elizabeth!! Great giveaway, and thank you Anne!!

  24. Thank you for the times you have transported me to another time and place through the sumptuous colourful pages. Thank you for reminding me that no matter the hardship, women have been, and continue to be, strong. Thank you for your knowledge and passion of these women in history, that is passed onto me, the reader. Thank you for the many “Did you know…” conversations I have started with my husband as we delve into history. Thank you.

  25. I love all your books, particularly The King’s Sister . It is refreshing to read historical fiction about times other than about the Tudors.

  26. I have only just found you, why have not discovered you before! Oh the joy of reading about such wonderful women, I am obsessed, I cannot put your books down. Thank you for your wonderful novels that transport me to another time and place.

  27. My first book was the Queen’s choice, haven’t looked back, have enjoyed every book I’ve read. Can’t wait to read Queen of the North.

  28. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am a great admirer of your work, Anne, your creativity brings history to life and I love how you give female characters a voice and the voice you give them is strong. Truly, thank you!

  29. Thank you Anne for another great book. It was so interesting to read about characters that I had little knowledge about previously. I would love a signed copy to enhance my existing collection.

  30. I love the book. I just don’t want it to finish. I love Elizabeth Percy in the book, how she never gives up fighting for her nephews. It is a great read.

  31. I have read all your books, loved them all especially the King’s Sister. Win or lose this giveaway I will still purchase it. Cant wait for your future books!!

  32. I am new to your books but I am besotted with the ones I have read . The way you portray the characters is exceptional and you almost feel that you are living in that period. Hope there will be many more to enjoy to take me to a different time to escape to . Good luck to everyone in the giveaway.
    Thankyou for the enjoyment you bring the more I read the more I want. Thankyou

  33. If is cold in Australia now so instead of sitting outside I would inside warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate enjoying Queen of the north

  34. What a wonderful range of writing giving humanity to historical characters and potential insights into why they acted as they did. Marvelous! I especially like the fresh dimensions of the woman’s perspective.

  35. I absolutely love every one of Anne o’brien’s books, I have yet to read queen of the north and I would love to add this one to my ever growing collection. Anne o’brien you are my favorite author of history!! My favorite book so far is a hard one, but it would have to be the forbidden queen.. I have read that about 20+ times and it still sucks me into the time period. Love your books xxx

  36. Hi , I have read all your books apart from this one. I am gutted that I haven’t because I really enjoy reading your books.

  37. I love historical fiction and heard so many amazing things about your books, looking forward to read!
    Thank you for the great competition 🙂

  38. I’m new to your books. I have a huge interest in Medieval history and especially katherine swynford. After reading Katherine by Anya Seton i chose to read Scandalous Duchess and was overjoyed with what I read. I couldn’t put it down it was refreshing reading it from her perspective. I am definately going to get the rest. Thank you for a great read.

  39. The best thing about you books Anne is the historical accuracy, Queen of the North is of particular favourite as I have connections with this part of the country, you truly bring history to life and I learn so much every day from your posts, and you always are kind enough to respond to us all with your reply’s, Many Thanks Anne.

  40. I love all your books.My favorite is the forbidden Queen and also the latest one Queen of the North.I am at the moment reading the Scandalous Duchess which i’m half way through and really enjoying.

  41. I have read all of your books ann . I do enjoy reading about different women in history other than the usual ladies we read about. It’s so good the way make these ladies come to life .

  42. I have read all your books and am looking forward to reading your new one, Queen of the North. You bring history to life and I appreciate just how much investigation must take place before even starting to write one of your books. My love of history started with Anya Seton’s Katherine and I can’t get enough of early history and escaping into the past! Many thanks Anne..

  43. This looks great! It is a period I know little on and so would love to read this. I think historical fiction is a great way of introducing people to the subject.

  44. I have read all your historical novels as I love this period of history and only need t Queen of the North to continue this age of conflict

  45. I was so excited when I saw the giveaway.I absolutely love historical novels.My favourite out of yours that i have read so far has to be the Kings Sister.It was brilliant could not put it down and because I was of similar age to the main character made it more interesting!!

  46. I love your books and look forward to every new one. Thank you for the chronological reading list do it is time for a re-read. I’m looking forward to traveling back in time to visit/live thru your dynamic characters.

  47. A fabulous looking book,about two fabulous historical people, by a fabulous historical author. What more can you get as a prize.

  48. I would love to win a signed copy of your latest book. I love all the books by you that I have so fr read and am looking to read more. I have a large bookcase in my living room filled with just signed books by the many authors I have met at various conventions over the last 30 years and would love to add yours. Thank you for a chance to win one.

  49. I am impressed with the accuracy of your books and depth of knowledge. You bring the character and times to life without losing integrity. Always an ingrossing read, I love to lose myself in history, in another time. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put in to them

  50. I love all of your books. I have 3 in my collection and plan on getting more soon. Very excited to read the new book. Thank you for writing such gripping novels. With your writing, I can be transported back to that time and forget the real world for a short time.

  51. I have a week off work booked for first week in August…what am I going to do??…I know…if I win the giveaway I can chill out reading in the lovely Herefordshire countryside..

  52. I too have enjoyed all Anne’s books, and look forward to reading the new one. (Bit difficult to find a new way of saying this, as so many other fans feel the same!) My great enthusiasm is Shakespeare’ history plays, and I love to read novels about the same characters. Yes, I go back to Jean Plaidy, too. One request – will the author’s publicity people drop the angle of “If you enjoy Philippa Gregory …” I like both writers’ work, and comparisons are invidious. Thank you.

  53. I think you are one of the best historical writers I’ve read, if not the best. Long may you continue to bring us joy.

  54. Ilove reading your books I have read most of the ones you’ve written but I don’t have any signed copies yet .Keep up the good work I can’t wait to read your new book .

  55. As a former history teacher I can say that I love your books. However the best thing for me is that you tell the stories of the lesser known women in history. In history, we are always learning and I have picked up a lot of information from your books. Thank you.

  56. It was your writing that introduced me to the history of the British Isles and historical fiction. Thank you so much for your commitment to historical fact, well constructed prose, and hours of enjoyment. My next vacation will be to England and Wales. I love your work. Thank you so much!

  57. Would be over the moon happy to win a signed copy of your book! Love your work! Holidays are coming up soon , reading and relaxing is how I plan to spend my days, hopefully with your new book!

  58. I am working through all your books right now. I can pick up your books and I am sad when it is over. A signed copy would Grace my collection of all my books.


  59. I have read all of your books Queen of the North just finished. Please hurry up for the next one Cannot wait.Your research is fantastic must take months of hard work. Nothing to read at the moment lost without a book.

  60. I just love all of your books. I started reading historical fiction nearly 2 years ago, and I started with your book – The Forbidden Queen. Since then I have read all of your other books (bar the new one as I haven’t got it yet), and I have loved them all. I have also read historical books by several other authors, and I have to say you are still one of my favourite authors. You stories and writing are totally unique, and I look forward to reading many more of your books in the future.

  61. WOW another amazing read , please keep them coming can’t get enough you are such an amazing writer, Thank you for the many hours of pure reading delight x

  62. Absolutely love your books Anne. I’m re-reading the scandoulous duchess for the 100th time at the minute which is my absolute favourite but can’t wait to get Queen of the Nortb very soon 🙂

  63. Anne, you are the true “Queen” of novels. I’ve so truly enjoyed and looked forward to everyone of your books. Please, keep them coming♡

  64. Loving your books, always amazes me how you can transport a reader to the period in time. Thank you for the enjoyment you give so many people. This new book will definitely be on my must read list.
    Best regards

  65. Would really love a copy of this book. I had it ordered but it got lost in the post and the seller was unable to replace so it would be nice to have a signed copy.

  66. I have enjoyed all your historical novels that I have read to date. This one looks like another insight into the Richard 2nd/Henry 4th era. One to look forward to.

  67. I love your books. They are so well researched and written I feel fully immersed in the time period. It’s sometimes a shock to come back to modern day when I put the book down.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to own a signed copy of one of your books.

  68. Love, loyalty, tragedy and betrayal…Sounds like my 21st century life…on a much less grander scale….I can visualize sitting on my screened in She-Deck sipping a cup of tea and reading about those long ago times and those fascinating people…..Viva Queen of the North !!

  69. I would be over the moon to win another one of your books. I love your wroting as much as I loveyour daily history lessons on Facebboo. Good luck to all the entrants in your giveaway!

  70. Love reading Anne’s books. They bring history to life. Haven’t read Queen of the North yet, so would love to receive a signed copy.

  71. Im so looking forward to reading this book.i just love and have all your books,a nice new crisp signed copy would just add to it..fingers crossed

  72. Would appreciate this O’Brien book to add to my reading pleasure, and appreciation of medieval history. It will go with me on a cruise on the Rhine.

  73. If Queen of the North is half as captivating as Scandalous Duchess, it will be a hit. Love, love your books, Anne O’Brien!

  74. Love all of Anne’s books but The Scandalous Duchess is my favorite. Saving The Shadow Queen for my stay in hospital next week and looking forward to enjoying Queen of the North.

  75. I have recently discovered Anne’s books and I am really enjoying them! It’s great reading such interesting books written by such a talented lady…who used to be my History teacher!!

  76. I’d love to add to my collection of Honeymoon books to take away in September! The machinations of the early modern period are fascinating (it’s was I specialised in at university!). Historical fiction just brings it all to life 🙂

  77. Eagerly anticipated, all your books are a joy to read and I’m certain the latest one will be no exception.

  78. Looking forward to reading Queen of the North, have really enjoyed all your books, especially the Scandalous Duchess. Keep up the good work!!

  79. Anne, I just love your books, they transport me back to the “days of olde”, and I find it very very hard to put your book down. My husband has just asked me what I would like for my birthday and guess what I have put at the top of the list, “Queen of the North” of course.I just love your books and can never wait for the next one to make it onto the bookshelves. Good luck everyone.

  80. Your books are a great read! I would be thrilled to win a copy of ‘Queen of the North’ and lose myself in the fascinating but often cruel world of 600 years ago. Good luck everyone!

  81. At 80 years of age, I have so much interest with all books in history and financially cannot buy , I search all avenues, to get books to read. This is not a sob story believe me, Best wishes to who does win this kind offer they must deserve it, thank you as a research author, on these subject’s. very much appreciated..

  82. Wonderful and such easy books to read….I love them all.My favourite historical writer…….more ,more more please

  83. I love all of your books and it would be so special to win a beautiful signed edition of Queen of The North.
    Kind Regards Alison.

  84. Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway – you are always so generous with your readers and we do appreciate it! Would love the opportunity to read your latest novel 🙂 Fingers crossed for a great outcome!

  85. As a history buff, I am an avid reader of historical fiction as I feel it ‘fleshes out the bones’ of historical fact. Since I retired from work I have had the time to read more and count Anne O’Brien books among the best available of this genre. To win a signed copy of her latest book would make my day!

  86. I have read most of your books and have enjoyed them all. It has been very interesting way of educating myself on the history of the kings and queens of this country. They are so vividly told it is hard to put the books down. I am looking forward to reading this new one. Anne O’Brien is a wonderful writer.

  87. I absolutely adore your books and love immersing myself in them. As a medieval literature student I love them even more as I love delving into the pages and having you bring that world to life! You are an amazing writer that brings the past to life! More books please 🙂

  88. So excited about the chance to win your your newest book… Anne Mortimer and HotSpur ! Have been wanting a story about them for years.. Good Luck to All!

  89. Hello! The King’s Sister is the first historical fiction book that I’ve read, and it is the book that made me found my interest in medieval history! I really love the stories that you’ve pieced together, and that I wish you well and may you continue to share your masterpieces with your readers!

  90. I love your books Anne. I have 6 of them so far, and have enjoyed reading them all. I can’t wait to read the others too.

  91. Hi Anne, I haven’t read any of your books, they sound my sort of read. I will be looking for them on the bookshelves. What a great prize, good luck one and all.

  92. Love all your books Anne, reading the Kings Sister & I have The Kings Concubine to read next, love this period of our history ?

  93. I’m just reading ‘The Shadow Queen’ and I absolutely adore your booksearch. I would dearly love another one to add to my collection ?

  94. Anne, Thanks so much for spoiling us with this competition! I have already ordered the book, delivery date which for me in Canada, is expected to be around November, but if I should be so lucky as to win a copy in this competition, I will be giving it to my sister in law.

  95. I am sending this on behalf of my mother, 93 and largely confined to the house with arthrosis of the neck and lumbar spine. She is still an avid reader of historical fiction. The first book of yours she read was Devil’s Consort. Eleanor of Aquitaine has been one of her heroines, and she recommended the book to me. Since then she has much enjoyed your novels set in the reign of Edward III, and is now making a start on The Forbidden Queen.

    If we should be fortunate in this competition I should be very grateful if the signed copy could be dedicated to her, Catherine.

  96. Queen of the North is the only Anne O’Brien book I’ve yet to get my hands on can’t wait to read it! The scandalous duchess is one of my all time faves keep them coming ?

  97. As a historian myself, I always enjoy your books: they are meticulously researched and really bring the period and characters to life! Looking forward to reading this new one.

  98. Hi! I have been obsessed with reading and finding good historical authors for the medieval time. Your books are on my list. I would love for this to be my first book if yours!

  99. Would love to win a signed copy. Obsessed with my historical fiction and you are certainly one of the best at this craft!

  100. Hi Anne
    You have done it again. Cannot wait to read another of your books. I have read several would love to win your latest.

  101. I have enjoyed following your page for a few weeks now and would love the opportunity to win a signed copy of Queen of the North.

  102. Through your writing, historical English history has become real. My next vacation will EnGland and Wales to explore this ancient history myself. Thank you for your research, attention to detail and engaging rich prose.

  103. A huge Thank You for a chance to win one of your wonderful books. I am about to start reading “Devil’s Consort ” Super excited as I had read some books about Eleanor of Aquitaine before and I am absolutely fascinated with her. So again thank you and good luck to all!

  104. I have only ever read one of Anne’s novels “The shadow Queen”, as i wanted to find out more about Joan of kent,I tend not to read novels as such often preferring reference books as such, I am so glad I changed my usual course and read “The shadow queen” the book really brought Joan to life and I enjoyed every page…just a long way of saying I fully intend to read more of Anne’s books and Queen of the North would definitely be a nice book to follow on with.

  105. Dear Anne.
    I must confess I haven’t read any of your books yet. I am hugely impressed with the historical era you cover.

    I will most certainly be looking to order your books. History is my passion. My wife is a direct defendant of the Norman Knight Havre de Grace. I have managed to trace her Welsh Ancestry. Kings and Queens have always fascinated me. I am attracted to your books because you write on such fascinating people. The Tudors are my favourite. I hope you will write more on their Welsh ancestors too. It is also nice to connect to an author. Thank you for allowing us to express our sincere gratitude making available such beautiful characters from British history.

  106. Thank you for the competition and for your love of history and sharing that with us in the vivid way of story telling that you have xxx

  107. I have only recently found your books and so far have read 3 and have 2 in my to read pile. Queen of the north is right up my street. The mortimers are a fascinating lot. I would love to win a copy.
    Ps i love all the picture posts you put on facebook. Keep it up please. They put a smile on my face ?

  108. Hello Anne, I have just come across your books and I am very excited to begin my journey through history with my first book, thank you for list of your books, I look forward to adding them to my to read pile and Queen of the North would be excellent! Thank you again!

  109. I have to be honest and say that I have never read any of your books and cannot understand why …they sound truly amazing and Queen of the North sounds a really good book to start with . Even if I don’t win the giveaway I will most certainly look for these books .

  110. Your historical fiction really does transport the reader to another time and place. Looking forward to reading Queen of the North!

  111. I am really excited after finding you and your amazing books on Facebook. I have only just started to read them and these sorts of historical books are my fave. Thank you ?

  112. You are my favourite author. You bring the characters to life. The reading your books I’m instantly transported to the era.

  113. I first read your novel six years ago, and have been reading ya much of your books since.
    Still got 3 more to go.
    I know I haven’t read them all yet but would be so excited to have a signed novel by you.
    Good luck everyone.

  114. I love history and your books always are abour women only mentioned in history books bur whom you have brought to life history was my faveriot subject at school i wish you had been my history teacher

  115. Thank you for running this competition. I have all of your books and this one would complete my collection! Every book I read transports me back to that time. I am looking forward to your latest book x

  116. Anne, writing women back into the narrative and putting them centre stage, makes your novels a real treat.

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