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Two signed copies of A Tapestry of Treason

1399: Constance of York, Lady Despenser, proves herself more than a mere observer in the devious intrigues of her magnificently dysfunctional family, The House of York.

Surrounded by power-hungry men, including her aggressively self-centred husband Thomas and ruthless siblings Edward and Richard, Constance places herself at the heart of two treasonous plots against King Henry IV.  Will it be possible for this Plantagenet family to safeguard its own political power by restoring either King Richard II to the throne, or the precarious Mortimer claimant?

Although the execution of these conspiracies will place them all in jeopardy, Constance is not deterred, even when the cost of her ambition threatens to overwhelm her.  Even when it endangers her new-found happiness.

With treason, tragedy, heartbreak and betrayal, this is the story of a woman ahead of her time, fighting for herself and what she believes to be right in a world of men.


‘Brimming with plots, politics, passion and perfidy, this is historical fiction at its best as O’Brien allows the determined, fearless and flawed Constance of York to finally step out of the shadows and into the light.’

Lancashire Evening Post


Two signed copies of A Tapestry of Treason are on offer.



All you have to do to take part:

Leave a comment below to tell me this:

Which of my medieval novels have you enjoyed most?  Which medieval character has remained with you, even after you have put the book down?


Good fortune!


 I will send the 2 books out in November to the lucky winners – an early Christmas present for you or a loved one.


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47 responses to “Seasonal Giveaway!

  1. I loved the Shadow Queen, I like reading about all the Royals. Richard II is a very interesting character. I am happy when I have a historical novel. Thank you for your amazing books.

  2. My favourite novel is The Virgin Widow, the character of Anne Neville is beautifully described. But I also fell totally in love with Owen Tudor in The Forbidden Queen, although I am usually not a fan of the Tudor.

  3. This would actually be my very first Anne O’Brien book … Though I’ll admit that I’ve got my eyes set on The Shadow Queen and A Royal Concubine for a personal Christmas treat no matter the outcome of this giveaway ❤️

  4. Absoluelty Loved the Virgin Queen, Anne Neville is a very interesting character and after reading the book I wanted to find out more. So Much so that I have been exploring where she lived and more about her father Richard Neville.

    So Look forward to your new book.

    1. Virgin Queen my favourite Novel and I love Richard as a Duke Of Gloucester , I love his romance story with Anne Neville beautiful written and inspired me to research a bit more about their real life stories

  5. That is a very difficult question, but the one who has stayed with me the longest is Anne Neville. She had such a short and mainly unhappy life until she became Duchess of Gloucester . Neither she or Richard wanted the mantel of royalty that was thrust on them. I felt when Edward IV died, Anne and Richard’s life unraveled completely and finished Bosworth
    field. Such brief snatches of happiness in such a short life and to lay somewhere in Westminster Abbey crypt, but no one knows quite where – forgotten. A beautifully written book in which Anne was coaxed out of the mists of time.

  6. I’ve enjoyed all your books, however, I particularly enjoyed reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Devil’s Consort.

  7. I have FOUR favourites!
    Alice Perrers (The Kings Concubine)
    Katherine of Valois ( Forbidden Queen)
    Katherine Swinford ( Scandalous Duchess)
    Joan of Kent (The Shadow Queen)

    We will keep enjoying reading them – for as long as you keep enjoying writing them!

    Thank you


  8. I love all your books but my favourite has to be The Scandalous Duchess, Katherine Swynford is my favourite medieval lady, I grew up in Kenilworth so visited the castle regularly ( still do ) .What a love story , how I would love to travel back in time & meet her!

  9. Very difficult to chose a favourite as all of them are so well written that they stay with me after I’ve finished the book. I’ve always been interested in Anne Neville and Katherine Swynford and I’ve discovered more about them through the books. However, the Shadow Queen has been a real revelation. I’ve learned a lot about Joan and her period and this will lead to more reading I am sure.

  10. I began reading The King’s Sister and ended up having a wonderful day out to Burford, Shropshire to visit the resting place of Elizabeth of Lancaster.
    So, from reading Anne’s books, you don’t just get transported back in time!

  11. My first book of your’s was The Scandalous Duchess, I enjoyed so much that I started to read as many books of your’s as I could, you a such a brilliant writer

  12. My faves were anne Neville and Katherine swynford . I like the way that make me see the scenes unfolding before me . I can see the court , the outfits , and feel there emotions , I am so looking forward to tapestry of treason. Have a happy and peaceful Christmas and new year.

    1. The first book that I read of yours was The Forbidden Queen and it has remained a favorite! The story of Katherine of Valois really stuck with me because despite her position, she still found love.

  13. I loved reading about Katherine De Valois in The Forbidden Queen l loved reading about the life of the Queen who founded the Tudor Dynasty

  14. This has taken a while & I’m still not positive; however, I think my favourite book is The Kings Concubine. It opened my eyes to a different point of view. My favourite character (ignoring William Marshal who you haven’t written about) may well be John of Gaunt , a difficult path to tread as younger son & later elder statesman to an ungrateful nephew – I love that he married Katharine in the end. If you ask me tomorrow, the answers may be different. Many thanks for the chance of winning A Tapestry of Treason, which- as with all of your books, I thoroughly enjoyed .

  15. I love all your books, but the one that stayed with me the longest….
    QUEEN OF THE NORTH – Elizabeth Mortimer was fierce and clever… pretty much everything you’d want a good leading lady to be.

  16. I enjoyed the Kings sister especially because I related to the main character Elizabeth of Lancaster so strongly she is of similar age to me and the beginning of the book.i couldn’t put it down!!!!

  17. The first book that I read of yours was The Forbidden Queen and it has remained a favorite! The story of Katherine of Valois really stuck with me because despite her position, she still found love.

  18. My favourite is definitely Anne Neville, I have been fascinated with her since visiting Middleham Castle which then fuelled my appetite for more and more. Keep on writing the amazing stories of these incredibly fascinating women, I love them!

  19. It’s very difficult to decide which character has stayed with me the most, but i’d have to say Katherine Swynford. I have read and re-read The Scandalous Duchess many times.

  20. My favourite book is “Queen of the North”. I absolutely loved it for so many reasons. It’s exciting, but interesting, and intriguing and I’m fascinated by Elizabeth Mortimer, Hotspur, and the turbulent times in which they lived. The struggle for the crown is compelling reading, and Elizabeth’s loyalties are severely tested. Plantagenet pride is prevalent in this outstanding novel, and I LOVE it!!

  21. I have always been fascinated by the story of Katharine Swynford, the mistress who finally married her man. Reading The Scandalous Duchess brought her to life; I was thrilled to find her memorial on a recent visit to Lincoln Cathedral.

  22. I loved my recent read of
    Queen of the North but my all-time favorite of all your many outstanding creations is Scandalous Duchess. I’ve been an admirer of Lady Katherine for many years (an earlier American author got me hooked!). Thank you for your insight unto the life of this mistress turned duchess!!

  23. My favourite book would have to be “The Queen’s Choice” and there was something special about Baron Thomas de Camoys. What a good man he was. I’d like to have met him!

  24. I have greatly enjoyed all of your novels but I think The Queen of the North is my favourite – so far! The character that has remained with me long after I put the novel down is Joanna of Navarre and her story in The Queen’s Choice. She intrigues me! I can’t wait to read your new novel.

  25. Queen of the North was my favourite, mainly because I had visited most of the places mentioned in the book & it made them seem alive. I thought Elizabeth Mortimer was a really intriguing person & how she navigated the male dominate world was fascinating

  26. All your books are my favourites, the one that stands out for me is The Forbidden Queen. I’m sure you’ve woven an excellent story about Cecilly Neville as well, looking forward to it. Best wishes and plenty of inspiration, Anne.

  27. My favourite book is the Virgin Queen, my favourite person is Anne Neville. Reading your books has made me realise how many women in history I know nothing about. I know lots about Henry the 8th and his wives but I enjoyed reading different periods of history and the people who lived in these times.

  28. It’s a hard choice between Queen of the North and The Forbidden Queen but I have to choose Queen of the North. Elizabeth Mortimer was a compelling character and I have thought about her and did research about her. She was fierce and quite a woman as you portrayed her. The lot of a woman in medieval times was certainly a difficult one.

  29. Has to be The Virgin Queen and Anne Neville. I’m fascinated by all the Neville family and can’t wait to read about Cecily.

  30. I love reading about Katherine Swynford (The Scandalous Duchess) and have read a lot about her but my favourite has to be Eleanor of Aquitaine (Devil’s Consort) for all she went through. Such a strong woman and I’m totally fascinated by her.

  31. I picked The Forbidden Queen as a favorite although I still need to read some of your other books which I know will be as excellent as this book was.
    Katherine de Valois was a character that long stayed with me. I greatly admired her strength during adversity and her boldness in marrying Owen Tudor.
    Thank you for the chance.

  32. The Virgin Widow is my pick. It was the first of your novels that I ever read, and I was instantly hooked. Anne Neville lived a remarkable life and yet history has largely overlooked her and the role she played in her father’s games of allegiance-hopping in search of power and position. I often find myself drawn to those historical figures whose lives were not given much attention. So often they have hidden depths to their stories and leave me wanting to know more. Anne Neville is one of my favourites for that very reason.

  33. The Kings Concubine has got to be my favourite novel. It was the first time I read any of your work and was hooked. I remember the feeling when reading it and not being able to turn the pages quick enough to find Alice’s fate. Like all your novels I find myself so engrossed I become a bystander, watching and listening to what’s happening.

  34. I have a couple but the person who really stuck with me was Joanna of Navarre. The choice to come and be with Henry but then her treatment by Henry v was eye opening being accused of witchcraft. We live near Pevensey and I’d only recently been there with the audio tour when I picked up the book. Feeling the history of the place and the impossible position she was placed in by the greedy Henry v really stuck with me. That and how she cared for her husband with possible leprosy. Excellent narrative. Thank you!

  35. My favourite to date would have to be “The Shadow Queen” and reading about Joan of Kent. I’d heard about her but didn’t know much about her. Particularly interesting was when you mentioned some places associated with her first husband Thomas Holland, close to where I live and this perhaps explains why some local roads and clubs are named after the Holland family. I loved being able to learn more about local history too.

  36. My favourite book (although it was hard to choose as I love them all), has to be Queen of the North.
    Learning about Elizabeth Mortimer and her life, being torn between her love for her husband “Hotspur” and her loyalty to her Welsh Marches family, made it easy to like Elizabeth for her strong attitude. Love, tragedy, the fight for the crown, betrayal. Brilliantly written and impossible to put down.
    My husbands family are from Northumberland so it was interesting to read about places that I’m very familiar with.

  37. the scandalous duchess! loved it and felt as if I knew her how it was written.
    I really felt sorry for her, I was rooting for her.
    it has stuck in my mind.
    I knew nothing about her until I read this wonderful book.

    1. My favourite book is The King’s Concubine. Alice is such a, strong character and overcame the odds to rise above her station in life and it was fascinating to follow her story.

  38. It’s so difficult to pick a favourite when I really enjoyed reading them all! However, on reflection I have to say that my favourite is The King’s Sister. I really enjoyed reading about Elizabeth of Lancaster who was new to me. Your book really bought her to life for me. Also as the daughter of John of Gaunt, who I’ve always been fascinated by, it was a good extension from The Scandalous Duchess, which was my toss up for my favourite.

  39. Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Devil’s Consort.
    She is such a fascinating woman, the only woman to be Queen of both France and England.

  40. Nothing changes in families and their quarrels. The descendants of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine certainly had theirs. I have enjoyed Queen of the North and I am looking forward to learning more about Constance in Tapestry of Treason!

  41. I have enjoyed all of the books and I love the diversity of the female characters, their interpretations and stories. Alice Perrers is definitely the character who has stayed with me and I found her story fascinating. I loved Queen of the North and couldn’t put it down, I think I felt a local connection with that one.

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