Anne O Brien

Author Biography: About Anne

Anne O'BrienAnne was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire. After gaining a B.A. Honours degree in History at Manchester University and a Masters degree in education at Hull, she lived in the East Riding as a teacher of history. Always a prolific reader, she enjoyed historical fiction and was encouraged to try her hand at writing. Success in short story competitions spurred her on.

Leaving teaching - but not her love of history - she wrote her first historical romance, a Regency, which was published in 2005. To date nine historical romances and a novella, ranging from medieval, through the Civil War and Restoration and back to Regency, have been published internationally.

Anne now lives with her husband in an eighteenth century timber-framed cottage in the depths of the Welsh Marches in Herefordshire, a wild, beautiful place on the borders between England and Wales, renowned for its black and white timbered houses, ruined castles and priories and magnificent churches. Steeped in history, famous people and bloody deeds as well as ghosts and folk lore, it has given her inspiration for her writing. Since living there she has become hooked on medieval history.

Virgin Widow, published in 2010 was Anne's first novel based on the life of an historical character, Anne Neville, wife of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Her second novel tracks the early life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, through marriage, crusades and divorce, not to mention scandal, as Devil's Consort (In the USA published as Queen Defiant.)  Her recent novel depicts the scandalous life of Alice Perrers, mistress of King Edward III.  A woman who broke all the rules as The King's Concubine.  And for 2013?  Katherine de Valois stars as The Forbidden Queen.  Watch this space for further information on Katherine's launch. 

Sometimes she escapes from writing. She enjoys her garden, a large, rambling area where she and her husband grow vegetables and soft fruit as well as keeping control over herbaceous flower borders, a wild garden, a small orchard and a formal pond. With an interest in herbs and their uses, Anne has a herb patch constructed on the pattern of a Tudor knot garden and enjoys cooking with the proceeds. Gardening is a perfect time for her to mull over what she’s been writing, as she wages war on the weeds.

Anne has other interests, enjoying a course on Writing For The Stage, something that intrigues her with its emphasis on conversation and the dramatic. Yoga is relaxing, as well as singing with a local Choral Society. She is trying to improve her water-colour painting, although Anne seems to have less and less time for anything other than writing ...