A Frivolous Valentine Post!



Four years ago in 2020 a ring was found on farmland near Wigmore, below the ruins of the once mighty Wigmore Castle, by a local detectorist.



It is a  simple gold band with a small sapphire stone, described by expert Dr Ian Bass, from the University of Wales and a member of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, as

‘a well-known medieval ring type, with numerous good examples recorded and reported.’

The detectorist who discovered the ring said:

We were in a very basic-looking field, and we turned up a few nice, hammered silver coins which is always very nice. Then I had a good signal, dug down about six inches and found a beautiful ring.’

And here it is. A very simple jewel but one of some value.


The ring is believed to date from between the 12th and 15th centuries.

It is now declared official treasure.

Could this be a Mortimer jewel?  Did some medieval Mortimer lady wear this?  Was it perhaps a love token?  Did she mourn its loss?



Who knows?  There is no further evidence, but I like to think that it might once have glittered on a Mortimer finger.

My thanks to the the Hereford Times for the image of the ring.

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