A Frequently Asked Question.

What is the chronological order of your historical novels?

In which order is it best for me to read them?


Some readers, new to my novels, enjoy reading them chronologically to follow the path of history.

There is no real reason to do so, since they are all stand-alone and none of them builds towards another, but here is the order by date for those who wish to do so:

Devil’s Consort: Eleanor of Aquitaine: the early tempestuous years until she becomes Queen of England.

A Court of Betrayal: the most recent of my novels.  Johane de Geneville, wife of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, is faced with treachery and betrayal.  Can she survive?


The Uncrowned Queen: short story and ebook only: the marriage of Philippa of Hainault and Edward III


The next five novels all take place during the same time scale, in the reigns of Edward III and Richard II with some characters appearing in more than one novel:

The King’s Concubine: Edward III and the dispreputable but remarbly clever business woman and royal mistress Alice Perrers.

The Scandalous Duchess: the famously scandalous relationship of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt.

The Shadow Queen: Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent.  A gripping tale of bigamy, scandal and ambition in royal circles.

A Tapestry of Treason: Constance of York, Lady Despenser, and her marvellously disfunctional famly.  Not an easy heroine but a fascinating one.

The King’s Sister: Elizabeth of Lancaster, younger daughter of John of Gaunt and Blanche of Lancaster.  Treachery and death at the heart of the royal Court.

And then the Chronology continues:

The Queen’s Choice: Joanna of Navarre and Henry IV: a woman of power in her own right who paid a high price for her marriage to the English King.

Queen of the North: The history of the powerful Mortimer and Percy families, brought to life through Elizabeth Mortimer and Sir Henry Percy (Hotspur).

The Forbidden Queen: Katherine de Valois: a political pawn in her marriage to Henry V who discovered love with Owen Tudor.

Virgin Widow: Anne Neville, wife of Richard of Gloucester; a coming of age tale and unashamedly a romance.

The Queen’s Rival: the dramatic story of Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, the Queen of England who was never crowned.


The Royal Game: the courageous and spirited women of the famous letter-writing Paston family step onto the historical stage.


A Marriage of Fortune: the sequel to The Royal Game.  The Paston women return with more adventures, victories and heart-break.

All here for you to enjoy.

Happy Reading!