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What is the chronological order of your historical novels? In which order is it best for me to read them in?



Some readers, new to my novels, enjoy reading them chronologically.  There is no real reason to so, since they are all stand-alone and none of them builds towards another, but here is the order by date for those who wish to do so:

Devil’s Consort: Eleanor of Aquitaine: the early years

The Uncrowned Queen: short story and ebook only: Philippa of Hainault and Edward III

The next four all take place during the same time scale, in the reigns of Edward III and Richard II with some characters appearing in more than one novel:

The King’s Concubine: Alice Perrers and Edward III

The Scandalous Duchess: Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt

The Shadow Queen: Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent

A Tapestry of Treason: (new in August 2019) Constance of York, Lady Despenser, and her marvellously disfunctional famly.

The King’s Sister: Elizabeth of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt and Blanche of Lancaster

And then the Chronology continues:

The Queen’s Choice: Joanna of Navarre and Henry IV

Queen of the North: Elizabeth Mortimer and Sir Henry Percy (Hotspur)

The Forbidden Queen: Katherine de Valois and her marriages to Henry V and Owen Tudor.

Virgin Widow: Anne Neville, wife of Richard of Gloucester


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9 responses to “What is the Chronological Order of my Novels?

    1. Thanks for the books in chronological order.I have just ordered 9 of them,finding it difficult to order The uncrowned queen sequel second hand.l am looking forward to the arrival of your books any day now.

  1. Hi anne
    Just read The Forbidden Queen and loved it so much. Past it on to a friend to read and ahe also enjoyed it. What book should I read next?

    1. Hi Maree, So pleased that you enjoyed The Forbidden Queen. Thank you for passing the message on. All my novels are stand-alone so it does not really matter what you read next. This page on my webside might help because it is a question I am aften asked. It gives the chronological order and how they fit together. Here is the link.

      Many thanks for getting in touch, and all best wishes,

  2. Hello Anne
    I am writing for New Zealand since we emigrated here from the UK in 2006. Although our family lived in Hampshire (New Forrest area), I am very familiar with your part of the world as we used to take day trips from Cardiff (my birthplace) to Ross on Wye,Hay and longer holidays to the Welsh Marches, Yorkshire Dales etc.,
    Since moving here I have delved into our family history and discovered a direct line to Richard 111 though through the female line. One ancestor, Charity Pryor connects us back to Elizabeth of Rhuddlan. I would like to explore more but since females were largely ‘hidden’ behind their more famous menfolk, I would be interested in how you go about researching women in history. I know there are heavy links to Devon/Cornwall and Sithney Parish, Helston. Any tips would be much appreciated, all research will be online since it is unlikely we will return to the UK.
    Good luck with the snow. We have just celebrated our 40th Wedding anniversary and married in the snow on 18th Feb 1978.

    1. Hi Gabrielle,
      I think that your needs, for tracing detailed family connections, are somewhat different from mine in discovering political and family interests of medieval women with the aim of writing a novel. You need a genealogist to give you advice. I’m afraid I do not have that expertise.
      Good look with your research.

    1. Queen of the North is the story of Elizabeth Mortimer and Sir Henry Percy who is known as Hotspur. It is a story of love, rebellion and ultimate tragedy.

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